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The Citroen DS High Rider

The Citroen DS High Rider

First seen at the Geneva Car Show 2010


Citroen DS High Rider

The French normally do style with ease. But have found it hard to come up with any worthy 4X4, however Citroen  is bent on bridging that divide with its new DS range.

The DS High Rider is a modern car with an innovative technological approach, especially because of the new "Full Hybrid" diesel powertrain. The "Full Hybrid " system combines a refined HDi diesel burning power plant with an electric motor mounted on the rear axle that enables the Citroen DS High Rider to combine the fuel efficiency and torque of an HDi diesel engine with the green benefits of a next generation ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) when running exclusively under electric power. While in other situations, both propulsion sources combine to deliver the maximum amount of power with an excess of torque being transmitted to the rear wheels.